Cooking with Gollum- 2-Point Pocketses

Hello everyone, and welcome to Cooking with Gollum.

Today I’d like to show you a quick and easy meal that’s only 2 Freestyle Points per serving!

I guess you’re either wondering about the weird title, or are already quite familiar with the Lord of the Rings books/movies and get the reference.  You see, when it comes to picky eaters, I’m one of the weirdest, most illogical ones I know.  Sometimes, my preferences are so strange I feel like I might as well be an odd little monster like Gollum, from the Lord of the Rings stories.
Not because I like to eat fish raw like he does (not even sushi), but because things that normal people might find tasty, I decided at a young age are revolting.  It makes cooking for me difficult and automatically reduces the number of doable options on a restaurant’s menu by about two thirds.

So, let me introduce you to Gollum the Gastronomic Guru.

What’s for foodses today, Precious? 
Tasty treats, we hopes!

Well, I hope it’ll be a tasty treat too, Gollum.  You see, with him in tow, it’s sometimes very difficult for me to try and balance “Quick and easy” with “Healthy.”  I WANT to lose some weight, but I also WANT to not eat eggplants, eggs, or plants (well, most of them) in my attempts to do so.  Obviously, it’s an uphill battle but so far I’m coping fairly well.

You know how the absolute best advice is to NEVER go to the grocery store hungry?  Yeah, it’s very sound wisdom.  Especially for me because if I go when I’m hungry I fill my basket with comfort food that’s going to leave me full, fat, and floundering.  Thankfully, I followed my own advice and walked around Publix with plenty of time to kill and not at all hungry.  That gave me time to do some Weight Watchers Scavenger Hunting using my app’s barcode scanner, which is why I happened upon one particular item that sparked the whole idea for this article: Toufayan’s Smart Pockets!

So today, we’re going to be making a quick and easy Smart Pocket sandwich that…

What has it got in its nasty little pocketses?

Um, well Gollum, I was just about to get to that, but don’t call it “nasty” just yet.  You might actually like this kind of pocketses!


Verde Pocketses

Herdez Salsa Verde- 0 pts

Bell Pepper- 0 pts

Sliced chicken breast (boneless, skinless)- 0 pts

Toufayan Smart Pocket bread- 2 pts

Lettuce- 0 pts




I started out by grabbing some zero-point Pre-cooked grilled chicken breast I had in the fridge.  Baked, grilled, broiled…whatever you have on hand should do just fine.  I’m making enough for about 4 servings and plan on refrigerating the other portions for later.

Chuck the chicken into a skillet, and let it simmer in the Salsa Verde for a bit, stirring occasionally.

While the chicken is simmering in the salsa, clean and chop up your bell pepper.  There’ll be plenty left over, so I stuck the rest of what I didn’t use in a Tupperware container to use as salad garnish some other time.

Open up the package of Smart Pocket bread and get one open…it should be ready to go with zero prep-work…just like the Lembas Bread the hobbits snacked on!  They seem deceptively small, but you can pack quite a bit in there before it might tear open.

A little lettuce on the bottom, add a few chunks of bell pepper, then pop in some of your chicken and sauce.  Mash this allllll down in there, and then add a bit more of each til you’re satisfied with the results.

That’s it.  So simple, a Cave Man could do it!  Gollum was also quite satisfied with both the portion and the taste…so I’ll consider this one for the “Win” column!

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