I Think I’m a Food Network Chef!

Fishing for Compliments

Chefs, today I made for you a Smart-and-Spicy pair of Fish Tacos.

We start with Wild-Caught Alaskan Pollock fillets that have been lightly breaded and then baked, not fried; pickled slaw featuring banana peppers and jalapeños to bring a tangy crunch, and finally drizzled with a Sriracha sauce to bring a smoky element into the arrangement.

Image result for 30 seconds left vinaigrette


Oh, and a snack pack of baby carrots way there in the back of the photo, because with only 30 seconds left in the challenge, I didn’t dare try to make a vinaigrette.

Please enjoy this 13-Point meal.


I Have Been Voted Off the (Thousand) Island

Alright, actually, this didn’t go anywhere near according to plan, but it certainly turned out better than it could have, given the circumstances.

The Old Me was hungry, so I pulled out four of these Gorton’s fish fillets out of the freezer.  That was gonna be it.  The whole meal.  Just me chowing down on some oversized fishsticks like I was on some kind of Paleo-and-PBR Manly-man diet.

But, the Weight Watchers Points Lawyer part of me kicked in, and I decided to stretch these four fillets into two servings for two separate meals.  Plus, it felt wrong to spend 25-ish minutes baking a measly pair of fillets…so cooking four all at once felt far more logical.

I had some leftover homemade vinegar slaw in the fridge from a cookout a while ago, and in my head, I was going to garnish my fish taco with this, then add a spritz of fresh lime to awaken each bite just a bit more.

I had the two tortillas out, fish fillets were chopped up into chunks, and it was time to get…out…the…uh oh.  I MAY have kept the slaw in the fridge a wee bit past the expiration date.  The lettuce within the slaw mixture was wilted and, well, I probably don’t have to tell you what it looked like.  We’ve all been there before.

Tartar sauce is another part of my Nasty Food Group (see the About Me section for more info on this particular topic), so using something like that as an easy way to add flavor was also out of the equation.

So, it was back to the drawing board.  I still wanted something with some crunch, and with that tangy aspect to it.  I didn’t have much to choose from, because my fridge is stocked with the typical Manly-man condiments.  Pickles, jalapenos, and banana peppers.  So, I made do and decided to pull an Emeril and Kick it up a notch.  The Sriracha was a compulsory afterthought.

I knew I wanted/needed some sort of sauce to complete the flavor profile (look at me, using my Food Network terminology like I’m some kind of pseudo chef!), because by this point, I either had to try and calm the dish down with something cool and creamy or I had to fully commit to bringing the Heat!  Sriracha it is…spicy. fish. taco.

They were delicious, by the way.
The Paleo-and-PBR side of me loved the taste, and it was a filling meal, thanks in part to only having a gargantuan burrito-sized tortilla on hand, rather than a smaller more points-effective Soft Taco size.
The Points Lawyer side was still happy that I managed to put something resembling a vegetable on there, and stretched 12 points worth of fish fillets out over two separate meals.  Because yes, I re-did this again for dinner later that night.  I mean, I HAD to use those other two fish fillets I cooked.

So, there you have it, folks…my first Manly-man friendly meal…freshly prepared using the Fridge-to-Table methodology perfected by standing in front of an open refrigerator, locked in the quandary of what’s in it worth eating.